Who is

George Frakes?

This is a question that has been asked a million times, over the course of millions of years. Previously born in 1898 in East London (although not for the first time) and then perishing in a suspicious motor car fire in 1928, Frakes was reborn in the final decade of the 20th century to bring us the answer to that age old question - who is George Frakes?

Despite having not yet answered that question, George Frakes has placed all his time and energy into perfecting the art of singing, playing and writing in the true spirit of his comrades in the early 20th century whilst bringing this pure and raw expression up to date and ready to be devoured by the beasts of the 21st. Having played the Blues Fest at the Albert Hall twice amongst countless other festivals and having supported well known artists in venues such as the Kentish Town Forum and Glasgow Barrowlands, Frakes is a well seasoned performer of over 2000 live shows and will always leave an audience energised, elated and insatiably engrossed.

Having finally worked out the difference between a wax plate and an Apple Mac, Frakes is now in the process of recording his debut album of original material alongside an album of long lost gems of ragtime, blues and old-time.

Not just content with performing and recording to satisfy the hunger of the awaiting masses, Frakes is also a true historian. Understanding the cultural and social importance of blues and old time music, Frakes has spent thousands of hours researching these matters. Reading can only get you so far as Frakes knows full well; in pursuit of understanding he has walked the freight tracks of the T&A railroad, travelled the country without a penny to his name, spent nights without a place to lay his head, played until the dawn to fund the food that provides, loved, lost and regained, walked the unpaved highway and turned his back with a heavy heart.  George Frakes is the real deal, and he's riding your way.